About Us

About Us

We fuse Silicon Valley culture with Sri Lankan engineering talent.

Moresand Technologies is the innovation arm of Moresand Limited. We’re a team that believes in the power that technology has to change the world, driven by a desire to build products that revolutionize the customer experience across the entire travel industry. We need you, so we can drive Moresand forward, through the next fifty years. People are at the core of our culture. We have a relatively flexible work culture that supports the growth and development of our employees both personally and professionally.

We are a part of Moresand Group

Moresand Limited is an award-winning travel company supplying flights, hotels, packaged holidays and cruises worldwide. Founded in 1987 it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company is one of the largest independently owned travel company in the United Kingdom, with a turnover of £212m in 2019.

In 2013 Moresand Limited was included in London Stock Exchange landmark report on the 1000 companies to inspire Britain, which celebrates the most exciting and dynamic businesses in the United Kingdom. We were also proud to feature in the Investec Mid-Market 100 which, in collaboration with The Times, lists the fastest growing private companies in the UK.

With Moresand Technologies, Moresand Limited goes beyond just supplying their customers with flights, and becomes a provider of next generation technology changing the travel industry forever.

Innovation is at our core

We are a team of highly skilled, diverse individuals from United Kingdom, Armenia, Australia, India and Sri Lanka, working together to seamlessly combine Valley innovation with engineering ingenuity to create the ultimate travel experience.

Our Mission
Create a workplace that empowers each person to realize their potential.

At Moresand Technologies, we invite every team member to bring their core values and skills to the table. We set high expectations for ourselves and each other. When all of us find the space to actualize our full potential, we create meaningful solutions.

Our Values
Create together, grow together.

We're united to create a workplace where everyone belongs. When each of us shares our unique talents and diverse perspectives, we grow exponentially, both as individuals and as a team. The stronger and more creative our team, the better our product, the greater our impact.

Feel your best, be your best.

Encouragement from your workplace goes a long way, but a comprehensive health plan, a flexible work/life balance, and caffeinated treats also have their perks.

  • Competitive base & bonus packages
  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Parental & family leave
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Flexible work/life balance
  • Healthy snacks & food

Our Culture

At Moresand Technologies, our entrepreneurial spirit and egalitarian culture has been a key contributor to everything we’ve achieved so far. Our teams are empowered to create their own success story, and together, we work towards reinventing the future of the travel industry.

Non-hierarchical, Open Communication, Performance Based Culture

We believe a hierarchical structure only impedes the flow of ideas and individual participation, choosing instead to foster a culture that is open and empowering. The people at Moresand Technologies are celebrated for their pioneering spirit, innovativeness and the ability to take well informed risks, and are recognized for their passion and dedication towards excellence.

Great work, borne out of that dedication and self-initiative, is always rewarded.

Fast Tracked Career Progression, recognition

Helping our teams achieve their personal and career goals is an important part of our culture. We offer a framework that provides accelerated career growth and an environment conducive to personal achievement and recognition.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame recognizes the most outstanding pieces of engineering practice at Moresand Technologies, and honors the teams and engineers whose hard work went into developing them.

From its inception, the Hall of Fame has witnessed a brilliant line-up of engineering artifacts – from innovative breakthroughs that enhance Moresand’s product offering, to solutions that resolve complex engineering issues within their respective practices.

Through the recognition of excellence in engineering, the Hall of Fame seeks to further promote the culture of innovation and enterprise within Moresand Technologies.

Learning and Development

Constant re-invention and learning is a fundamental tenet of our culture. We incorporate the practice of perpetual improvement, in our work and ourselves, through knowledge sharing and assimilation.

Every week, people from different teams gather together to learn something new. Our Innovation Sessions provide individuals and teams with a platform to share their extensive knowledge with the rest of the organization. Besides helping people discover and learn new things, Innovation Sessions also facilitate better understanding and collaboration between teams by giving them greater insight into how different teams contribute to the Moresand customer experience.

Tech Workshops are hosted on a regular basis. The workshops, conducted by members of our team tackle a diverse range of technical topics, from design to programming to soft skills.

Ministry of Entertainment

It’s not all work and no play – fun is an integral part of the culture here at Moresand Technologies. To create a sense of playful rivalry, everyone is sorted into one of two ‘teams’ which compete in events throughout the year. Both competitive and non-competitive events are organized by an in-house committee also known as the Ministry of Entertainment.

At Moresand Technologies, we are passionate about a lot of things outside of tech. A lot of us are ardent foodies and photographers, and a few amongst us also participate in mercantile tournaments for certain sports.

Awurudu party, Cricket tournament, Annual trip, Hallowing night, Year-end party are some of the events that keep us engaged. Apart from that during the free time, we are able to play Carrom, Table tennis, Darts, and that helps vastly to be more efficient + productive with work.